Thai Women & Women in Thailand

Thai women and Western men are like magnets to each other.  And this proves that opposites do indeed attract!  There is a fascinating dynamic between the two groups, one that this website will explore in great detail.  By now you’ve probably heard good and bad stories about Thai ladies. You’ve heard great things, but you’ve also received warnings.  Some men will tell you that they’ll never be interested in Western women ever again after having spent time with Thai women.  Conversely, some men have written Thai girls off after disastrous experiences. If you’ve made it this far, chances are that Thai women have a lot to offer you, and can even change your life!  But our upbringings and cultures are so different than theirs; so it’s important to have a good base of knowledge about Thai ladies and about the things that often go right or wrong in mixed (Thai and Western) relationships.   This site will serve as your crash course, educating you on everything you need to know.

Why Thai Women Attract Western men

If you’ve been to Thailand or you’ve gotten to know a Thai girl, you probably know precisely why Thai women appeal to us.  I’ll go over the pertinent details with you, but you’ll never really get it until you come here for a few weeks.  After spending a few weeks in Thailand, nearly all men I’ve ever met grasp the appeal.   Most men, at least initially, feel as though Thai girls are a welcomed change from women in their home countries.

1) Thai ladies are usually very pleasant and patient.

2) They have exotic island-like features.

3) They have incredible bodies; and the average Thai woman has a slim waist.

4) Thai girls have a good sense of humor and don’t take everything too seriously.

5) They’re approachable and usually humble.

6) Thai women are very feminine and they believe in their natural gender role.

7) They have a healthy sexual appetite, and they don’t use sex as a weapon.

8) Thai women seek to take care of their husband and their children.

9) They’re not bossy.

10) They’re appreciative.

Why Western men attract Thai women

Some will say this category is about money, and only money. That’s a shallow way of looking at things.  There are money hungry women and there are prostitutes in all societies.  Some Western men don’t put in enough time to find the right Thai ladies, and wind up meeting the ones that put themselves out there in tourist cities.  The good Thai girls won’t necessarily do that, so it might take a little extra effort to meet them.  So put aside any preconceived notion that Thai women are all prostitutes or gold diggers out to get “farang money.”  There is only a small percentage of women in Thailand who fit into those categories, but unfortunately some Western men never wind up meeting the other 95%!  Here is a list of the reasons why Western men are appealing to good Thai girls:

1) They like that Western men are different; they know they can learn a lot from them.  Most Thai women want to learn English and know that being with an English speaking man is the easiest way to do so.

2) Hollywood has helped make the typical “Prince Charming image” to be a Western man; and some Asian women do dream of having the storybook image.

3) Thai women love white skin.  They actually try to make their own skin white.

4) Alcoholism is rampant among Thai men, which taints the perception Thai women have over their own country’s bachelors.

5) There is a shortage of quality Thai men out there; Thailand has one of the highest populations of out gay and transgender men in the world.

6) Thai men have a reputation for being hostile and even abusive.  We know that there are abusive men in every country, but Thai women assume that the problem is much worse in Thailand than in Western countries.

7) Thailand is a cheap country to live in, especially compared to Western countries.  This means that a Western man has a higher average spending power in Thailand than Thai’s.  It’s just a matter of mathematics, and not every woman who considers a man’s finances is evil.

What are the most common causes for relationships between Thai girls and Western men to fail?

1) The best way to avoid a failure of a relationship with a Thai woman, is to avoid any girl who has ever been a prostitute (bar girls certainly count as prostitutes), and to avoid girls who are clearly only interested in a man’s finances.  It may sound easy enough, yet more than half of all current relationships Western men have with Thai women do come from the pool of girls who were prostitutes or do target men for mostly financial reasons.   If you fall in love with a prostitute, you shouldn’t’ expect it to work.

2) While it’s true that absence can make the heart grow fonder, nothing but absence will eventually ruin a relationship.  So if you have no intention of moving to Thailand or marrying a Thai girls and moving her to your country; it’s highly likely that the distance will eventually end things.

3) Most relationships fail, period.  We’re not all meant to be soul mates.  Sometimes the attraction fades or two people just aren’t long term compatible.  The fact that a woman is Thai doesn’t change any of this.

4) Money is the #1 cause of relationships failing in the West, and while it’s nowhere near as bad of a culprit in relationships with Thai women, it still comes into the picture for a certain percentage.

5) Cheating ends relationships.  I’d say it’s about split down the middle, in terms of who the guilty party is when this happens in mixed relationships.  Western men can find sex so easily in Thailand, it’s not uncommon for them to slip up and get caught cheating.  And since mixed couples usually consist of a Western man who is much older than the Thai woman, there is temptation on the younger woman’s part to cheat with a younger man.

6) The culture clash is exciting in the beginning, but sometimes it can be a thorn in the relationship’s side as time goes on.  Opposites attract and are exciting, but when you’re trying to live your life with someone, it’s good to be on the same page about a lot of things, and sometimes mixed couples have trouble with this.

Are there successful relationships?  What characteristics do they have?

There are many successful mixed couples, and many thousands marry every year.  If you take out former prostitutes, the divorce rate among mixed couples is lower than among Western couples.  There are also less “zombie relationships,” where two people are just going through the motions without any happiness because they fear a breakup.  Those are infamous among Western couples, but you don’t find many of them in Thai/Western mixed couples.  Of course, it’s difficult to substantiate any of this with facts, but you’ll find that most people who have stayed in Thailand a long time will agree.  Again, this is only the case if you eliminate former prostitutes from the pool.

How you can meet Thai ladies?

While it may sound obvious, you can meet Thai ladies by coming to Thailand!  You’ll be tempted to go to the tourist cities, but you may actually have a better chance to find the girl of your dreams in the country.  Keep an open mind and proceed with caution.  There are also some very good internet dating sites out there that make it easy to talk to a dozen or more Thai women a day!  Not all of them will be genuine, but if you go into a bar anywhere in the world, will all of the women be genuine?